Discover Amber Brass

A new aged brassware finish available across all key Samuel Heath collections.

Uncovering an aged patina

Amber Brass is our 17th expertly curated finish designed to reflect an aged appearance with a hue that is redolent of amber, and its intense burnished brass tone provides an immediate patinated appearance without having to wait for the natural brass patina to develop. The finish is created using a blend of artistry and chemistry which our skilled technicians have achieved through years of dedicated practice and a high level of skill.

About Amber Brass

Amber Brass is carefully crafted through an artisanal process where the sleek and resplendent lustre reflects light beautifully and instils a further dimension of opulent rich tones. The high-gloss lacquered finish oozes vintage sophistication and echoes the increasing desire for polished, high-gloss materials in interiors. Our artisan craftsmanship and the outstanding quality of the brassware means interior designers can rest assured that the exquisite pre-aged patina effect will maintain its appearance over time.

17 unique brassware finishes

Using the finest European brass, our Master Polishers create a perfectly smooth surface with no imperfections. This is crucial in providing a flawless surface so that once electroplated, the finish bares the distinguishing features of depth, lustre and durability that Samuel Heath products are renowned for. Each stage of the finishing process is controlled by skilled technicians to ensure that the optimum depth of metal is applied for a lustrous and lasting finish.